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The Name: Definition

Homestead – The word ‘homestead’ actually comes from the Dutch word ‘heemstede’ and Wiktionary defines this as, “a house together with surrounding land and buildings, especially on a farm

Fowl – Is a little more complex. It deals with birds that are hunted or kept for food and is either a landfowl or a waterfowl. It’s worth noting that not every domesticated bird that is hunted or kept for food is considered a fowl (think ostrich).

Examples of landfowl would be chicken, turkey and pheasant. Examples of waterfowl would be duck and geese.

Who Is Homestead Fowl For?

Generally, when people hear the word homestead, they think of farm – and there is good reason for this. Not all that long ago, there were a LOT of homes spread all over with farm type animals living in their backyard. My mother would regale me of her experiences as a little girl, being told to ‘watch out for that goose!’

But with time moving forward, as it always does, keeping chickens or ducks for food, kind of slipped away…at least for a little while.

I’m happy to say though, it is BACK!

The backyard chicken in particular has made a huge comeback, with people all over rediscovering the joys of fresh wholesome eggs grown right in their backyard.

Sadly though, not everyone is in a position to live on a farm. And let’s be honest, not all of us are fated for that kind of life. Some of us have to grind the hours away behind a keyboard or on a manufacturing floor. But what I can tell you, from my own personal experience, is that even in the smallest of backyards, you can tap into the world of yesterday and realize the wholesome healthy benefits of your own personal flock.


By considering these two words – Homestead and Fowl.

If you reside in a house and have a chicken that lives in a coop in your backyard, then you have met the requirements to have a homestead fowl.

This might not be what the people of yesterday had in mind. But then, how could anyone from back then have imagined what things would be like today?

I think that if I had the chance to speak to those of yesterday and share with them what I’m doing in my backyard and why, we’d find that the spirit of things is the same.

Homestead Fowl is a blog for anyone who wants to bring the best of yesterday with them towards the ever evolving tomorrow.